Many-Sided Citizen of the Artistic Universe.
Far - Sightedness

Interior Designer Consultant, Painter and Illustrator since 2000 A.B. is able to anticipate and address with extreme accuracy and on perfect time the unique traits and needs  of her clients intuiting its emotional and aesthetic expectations keeping on focus all the practical matters.


With a background in law studies that led her to explore what changes in the evaluation of what is normally conceived as Non-Material Capital, such as a piece of art,   when a considerable number of counterfeiting attempts happen to  prove instead  the value of the original piece to the market,   A.B. has demonstrated throughout her career to be a reliable and knowledgeable ally when it comes to the ability of using the Art and all its variations to improve the human's life  daily experience .


Pursuing the raising of her aesthetic parameters and conceiving the artistic macro cosmos as an helix of DNA A.B. has always engaged  in challenges of heterogeneous purpose and intent working in partnership with other designers to improve their brand and product image and placement, with industries and private premises owners in order to improve the appearance and atmosphere of the spaces through the installation of customised creations such as sculptures and paintings, and committing her creativity to well known public figure creating precious stationary prototypes and jewellery.


And yet, her untamed creative heat allowed her paintings and illustrations to find rest in private collections of other artists and intellectuals.


Her restless activity and her strong social attention also brought her talent to promptly  create pieces of art for Charity Auctions in favor of Childrens Hospitals.