Boutique and Atelier, Journalists, Writers, Musicians, Curious Humans Beings and Travellers. Textile and Tiles Industries,  Professionals ... whoever longed to see  dreams, words and visions revealed by an iconic and defined shape has been in contact with A.B.    ...  as her drawings manifest the Unique Qualities her customers are committed to offer to the world.



"Le interviste Sbozzettanti", one of her latest adventures,  is welcomed by  Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso Spa.


Transforming the Matter is transforming the Soul.


From the original words of one of the most prominent international gallerist Catellani "A love story of wild brushes and colors in the moment they meet unforeseen materials and suggestions. The exploration of new textures and combinations. The audacity of meeting the Animus of the client in new lands and perspectives. These are the characteristics of the works A.B. creates from the scratches. Branches the beaches are gifted by the Sea, drill's heads that travelled throug the bodies of printed circuits, or nut-shells that kept the life of the fruits. Whatever God doesn't do with the dices A.B does."

Ann Blumberg 4 EmilCeramica @Villavigarani 

Since 2011  ''Il Gorky Rosa''  Fashion/Art  and Lifestyle blog  and trademark  is synonymous of a continuous research and an emblem of a project which keeps on developing in many directions.


The ability of A.B to create the event inside the event and the talent she revealed in looking at the products as it is an element that can be multiplied an infinite number of time in full coherence with the “fractal” philosophy along with an innate wit to see crossing point and develop partnership and interconnections between units and figures so incredibly and apparently far one from another,  ensure to those who ask for the point of view of A.B. journalistic eye unforeseen selling scenarios, since A.B. with her words and storytelling skills allows the fruit of the customer geniality to reach the “Must Have” status.


You will see, she follows the math:

Product=Genius Inventiveness + Elegant Marketing Brilliance.  Add Sparkles ad Libitum.



“In the role of Personal Shopper / Stylist A.B. demonstrates her flair seeing the materpiece the customer already are,  nurturing their consciousness and ability to see and celebrate their own beauty and unicity themselves.

I would say A.B. is a 'Beauty Facilitator'  whose talent is to water everyone blooming potential with unconditional passionate commitment, forwarding power, and sharp but yet gently driven respect … Only following this path the 'expression of their individuality' becomes a source of wealth and inspiration that elevates the everyday quality to  excellence. (Micaela Mazzoli - L'Oreal Paris)


Setting, Location, Habitat, Environment:

cells of a perfect organism called Human Being.

This is my principle as Interior Designer Consultant.

Interested in hiring me for one of your special events? Let's get in touch.


VIC ARMSTRONG  (Academy Award for Best Technical Achievement, BAFTA Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema Award)

What I see here is a thrilling project.  Look for the sponsors and we go ahead.


SIR KEN ADAM (Academy Award Winner for Bet Production Design)

This is State of The Art. Full Stop.


DAVID  B.  (Comedian)

If there were a Joan Rivers of the Illustrations this would be you, Ann . I asked for it and I had it. Sharp. Impressively quick. Quicker than a joke of mine.  - No joking.


Nobody has never ever portrayed me in the way Ann did. She is incredibly gifted and holds stunning and unquestionable introspective psychological skills.


M° MARIO MARZI (Saxofono Solo @ Teatro La Scala )

Ann’s Art ? Just a pure, simple, sudden “wow”. An unbreakable bond between visible and invisible: she holds intuitive guts such as I’ve never met before. And she uses it in this manner … creating ‘legato’ where you suppose there is  ‘staccato’ . A Coltrane in its own right.


M° GIORGIO DI CROSTA (First Violino @ Teatro La Scala)

Astounding and poetic sketches. The world have a different meaning when you can see it through the lenses of Ann musically articulated china ink lines. That’s a gift I had the pleasure to receive. Thanks Ann!


M° GIUSEPPE ETTORRE (First Contrabbasso @ Teatro La Scala)

She surprised me with her unmistakable startling imprint. An unticipated touch, as she is.



Miss Blumberg?: accuracy, detailed preparation, tailored visual solutions and total exclusive commitment to the project.




Ann Blumberg illustrations disclose one own wishes, the ones someone doesn’t even know to have. They add Beauty to Life.


TULLIA BELLAROSA (Fashion Designer)

Ann she literally bewitched me with her originality. Adding that magic touch to my party, Ann portrayed some of my vivacious guests with grace while entertaining other with charme and impeccable style.



Ann Blumberg? Her creative lode is a continuous becoming. She anticipates tendencies. She collects enthusiasm and approvals.


LUCA MOLES (DeLuxe Dreaming Milano)

Yes, I met Ann by chance but I couldn’t help my longing to work with her. She opened my mind. She’s an outstanding “slogan” author. And when I say it I mean it. I know I’m not the first to reckon it but it’s just because I met her later.


ELENA GUMENYEK (Domino Fashion Group )

I've been introduced to Ann by a bag designer in Milan. I loved her way of looking at the reality and sketch it on paper. I asked if she was willing to collaborate with my magazine and illustrate the "Milan Fashion Week Issue". And she did it. Brilliantly.


Intriguing. She's a natural.